Links: A Night At The Mic

by Lang Whitaker

Just a quick post before we all bounce for the weekend…

(I’m writing one-sentence paragraphs in order to avoid the dreaded “Related Posts” box on the left.)

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Anyway, on Wednesday night I had another stint doing color commentary on an NBA game, this time my Hawks here in NYC against the Knicks.

Wasn’t trying to be Hubie Brown, was just trying to be funny and have fun with it.

Thanks again to Steve Holman for the opportunity.

Wrote about it a little bit here yesterday on

And here’s a heavily-edited audio recap of the event.

Hopefully it’ll help you waste 10 minutes before you get to enjoy your weekend.

(Yes, I created a “Jack Benny” tag for this post.)

See you here next week…new SLAM cover(s) drop here middle of next week.