Links: All-Star Saturday

by February 16, 2008

by Lang Whitaker

Right now it’s All-Star Saturday night here in N’awlins, and I’m sitting about 20 rows behind the basket here in the New Orleans Arena. The Skills Challenge is about to start, and I think they just had the 2 Ball thing, or maybe it’s called Shooting Stars, or something. Wasn’t paying attention, sorry.

Earlier today I hit up All-Star practice. This is held each year over at the Jam Session, where they assemble a court in the middle of a convention center, put mics on the coaches and then let the fans sit in. Meanwhile, in between the two teams taking the court, there’s a 45 period where the players are all required to hang out on the court and the media is loosed upon them, resulting in something of a free for all.

In past years I’ve spent this time walking around, hearing bits and pieces here and there, but mostly chatting with other writers and media folk. This year I brought along my video camera…