Links: BREAKING: Later, Elgin

by Lang Whitaker

Out went Elton, in came Baron…and now out goes Elgin.

Elgin Baylor, the GM of the LA Clippers since 1986 and a man who appeared on the NBA Draft Lottery so often that they should just name it after him, is no longer the GM of the LA Clippers. Coach Mike Dunleavy has taken Baylor’s gig and will now be coach and GM.

Somehow, despite the Clippers being…well, the Clippers, Baylor has managed to keep control for over two decades. But now, under what seem like mysterious circumstances, Elgin’s gone. According to the Orange County Register, some writers knew something was up when Elgin wasn’t in the team’s preseason media guide:

Asked about this omission, a team spokesman said that only the coaches’ bios were listed in the guide. However, that was untrue, because in addition to the coaches the director of player personnel, director of scouting, director of international scouting and team physician all were listed.

In addition to those individuals, the team’s athletic trainer, strength and conditioning coach, equipment manager and broadcast team all were listed.

When asked where Baylor was, the same team spokesman said he did not know but believed that Baylor was upstairs in his executive office.

When everyone finally found Baylor, he wasn’t talking and he even mentioned the “L” word (lawyer, not the other one).

As Baylor told the LA Times:

“There is a dispute, and on the advice of my attorney they did not want me to discuss it,” Baylor said. “That’s all I can say.”

Sounds like there’s gonna be much more to come with this one…