Links: IM with Candice

by Lang Whitaker

You may not know about this, but the WNBA season tips off tomorrow. If you weren’t aware, don’t feel bad — I didn’t know either, at least until about an hour ago when I was chatting online with WNBA star rookie Candice Wiggins. A four-year starter at Stanford and a four-time All-American, Candice leaves as the all-time leading scorer in both Stanford and Pac-10 women’s hoops history.

She was recently selected third overall in the 2008 WNBA Draft by the Minnesota Lynx, and now she’s joining the SLAM team, too. Candice and I are going to chat it up every few days and I’ll post it here on The Links. (Hey, it’s The Links with a Lynx! OMG! LOL! ROTFLMAO! Sorry, been on iChat too long.)

Anyway, Candice and I will talk it up about the WNBA, the Lynx, anything and everything hoops-related, and if this first chat is any indication, I need to catch up on Gossip Girl and Mariah Carey news if I’m going to keep up with Candice…

Lang Whitaker: Candice?

Lang Whitaker: It’s Lang from SLAM.

Candice Wiggins: Hello!

Candice Wiggins: Yep its me

Lang Whitaker: Hey, so you know about this column, right?

Lang Whitaker: I’m gonna try and chat you up occasionally and let people get to know you

Candice Wiggins: Yes I do

Candice Wiggins: Ok tht sounds great!

Lang Whitaker: Are you on your Sidekick now?

Candice Wiggins: Yes I am…..I’m at this television station

Lang Whitaker: My Sidekick is hurting. The M key only works like half the time.

Lang Whitaker: Are you in Minnesota yet?

Candice Wiggins: Yep! We have a game on sunday so I’m here…

Candice Wiggins: How are u?

Lang Whitaker: I’m good.

Lang Whitaker: So how’s Minny compared to Cali?

Candice Wiggins: Well……I don’t kno if there’s any place tht compares to cali….but its been ok! I feel like these minnesota springs are like san diego winters lol

Lang Whitaker: I know, right?

Lang Whitaker: I heard you’re big into TV/movies.

Lang Whitaker: What’s your shows?

Candice Wiggins: Yes! Television….right now top chef. But I looove project runway, gossip girl, and antm

Candice Wiggins: Americas next top model

Lang Whitaker: Gossip girl? OMFG!

Lang Whitaker: Kidding, I don’t watch that. I watch all the other ones, though

Lang Whitaker: Top Chef is my joint

Lang Whitaker: How about The Hills?

Candice Wiggins: Hmmm….haven’t really gotten into the hills…

Candice Wiggins: But I kno about it.

Candice Wiggins: Wait. What’s wrong with gossip girl????

Lang Whitaker: I just didn’t get into the first season, so now I feel like i’m too behind to start watching.

Lang Whitaker: The Hills is the dumbest show on TV, so that makes it fun to watch.

Candice Wiggins: Tht show is soooo good! Have u seen it?

Lang Whitaker: seen gossip girl?

Candice Wiggins: Hahahaha yess! Thts 1 thing I looove to do is analyze dumb tv

Lang Whitaker: I need to catch up. How do you keep up with these shows? Do you Tivo everything?

Candice Wiggins: Yeah gossip girl

Candice Wiggins: Its the greatest show on tv….

Lang Whitaker: come on

Candice Wiggins: Have u also listened to the new mariah album? Thts good too

Candice Wiggins: Track #10 is my favorite

Lang Whitaker: i can’t get over you calling Gossip Girl best show on TV

Candice Wiggins: Haahhahahaha

Candice Wiggins: It is!! Itunes store helps me keep up

Lang Whitaker: I’m waiting for the new 90210 to start

Candice Wiggins: Wow thts great…..I think this is gonna be the next oc….90210 I’m not sure…yet. But I love the show. I thinks its so entertaining

Lang Whitaker: Cool. Nick Cannon and Mariah. Thoughts?

Candice Wiggins: OMG. That tattoo!!

Lang Whitaker: I know!

Candice Wiggins: Whyyyyyy

Lang Whitaker: I think she’s Wild’n Out

Candice Wiggins: Why did he do tht.

Candice Wiggins: Hahahahha. And I’m so sad tht there was no prenup

Lang Whitaker: I’ll be watching your games this season. I need to make more of an effort to watch the WNBA.

Lang Whitaker: Can I expect great?

Candice Wiggins: Yessssss

Candice Wiggins: You can! And u should

Lang Whitaker: thanks! I’ll hit you up next week at some point

Candice Wiggins: Ok great. And can u please watch an ep of gossip girl??

Lang Whitaker: OK. You watch The Hills, I’ll watch Gossip Girl. Next week we’ll compare notes.

Candice Wiggins: Yes! Agreed!