Links: Loose Ends

by Lang Whitaker

Wednesday! Things are slow around the SLAM Dome today. We are still mostly without carpet, which means glue-covered cement floors. Also, all the lights are on, for the first time since I started here. This was an office designed to be viewed in the dark.

A few things…

• I was reading up on all the Steph stuff today, and it’s really fascinating. The most ridiculous thing to me is that Steph and Isiah have the same agent! Which means if it comes down to a buyout, who will do the negotiating, Isiah and his own agent?

• I wrote another Hawks column this week, and it can be found here. The Hawks are going to beat Charlotte tonight, by the way.

• Sam Mitchell, still gangsta. Love what he told the media when asking them to leave rookie Jamario Moon alone: “It would be a favour to him, because you guys, throughout the history of time, have ruined good young players with your expectations and what they should do and what they should be.” Throughout the history of time!

• Bulls fans, want to feel good about your team? Guess who’s organizing the team meetings? Journeyman Adrian Griffin.

• Disaster Dickau is back with a new company that sells..customized poker chips. The company’s website is here. According to the site, the customized chips make great business cards. Sure, if you’re looking to never get hired anywhere except Vegas.

• And finally…he’s baaa-acck!