Links: My Radio Daze

by Lang Whitaker

It’s been a ridiculous last seven days for me, including flights from NYC to Miami and back and then to Atlanta and back. I went to NBA games on Monday and Wednesday night, then hung out at a hospital in ATL all weekend to visit with my sister, who just gave birth to twins. Got back to NYC on Sunday and have been grinding away in the SLAMdome ever since.

I’ve been meaning to get a post up following my two turns in the broadcast booth last week but haven’t had an opportunity. Then I spent about two hours Sunday night and two hours Monday morning trying to edit the sound files of me on the radio down to little avail — I ended up losing more files than I actually created. So I started over and finally pieced the following clips together.

These clips are from the Hawks/Knicks game last Wednesday night here in NYC, which the Hawks lost 112-104. As you will hear if you click on the flash player below, I just tried to have fun and make the broadcast entertaining (hopefully). I also managed to squeeze in references to everything from Outkast to Clyde Frazier (worked “modus operandi” into the broadcast) to, that’s right, Mr. Ping Ping(!).

Before we run these, I need to thank everyone who took the time to record this for me (I got files from Linkstigators Saif, Raghu and Jake Nelson — that’s right, we global).

I also need to once again thank Hawks play-by-play announcer Steve Holman for giving me the chance to give this announcing stuff a shot and willingly sharing the mic with me. I had a blast and hopefully I’ll get another turn behind the mic one of these days.

Here’s the audio…