Links: NBA Announcer Approval Matrix

by April 16, 2008

by Lang Whitaker

OK, so I’m filling out my NBA awards voting ballot right now. I’ll run down all my picks tomorrow. Patience.

(Although…I mentioned to Khalid how I was leaning for the MVP vote, and he grinned and said, “Alright,” and walked away. Not sure what that means.)

Tonight the Playoff schedule gets sorted out. Be ready for a wild and wooly month or two.

Lots to get to today…

• If you haven’t had enough talk of the Hawks making the Playoffs just yet, here’s an extensive podcast with me and big boss man Micah Hart discussing pretty much anything and everything related to the Hawks. I even get into the concept of the Playoff Mohawk.

• An NBA insider sent along a link to this, which is something like an NBA Announcer Approval Matrix. I have no idea who created it. Hopefully this is readable…

(For a larger version, click here.) No further comment needed, other than this must’ve come from Canada, especially if Swirsky is even close to being on the right side of objectivity.

Our man Rod Benson is blowing up. Good to see ESPN sent such a diverse crew out to visit Rod.

• Separated At Birth returns today with a visit from an old nemesis. Linkstigator Mike M. writes in to say that ESPN’s NBA Insider, Chad Ford, looks like Adam from “Big Break.” I had to look up “Big Break” — apparently it’s a golf reality show where the winner gets a tour exemption. I went on the Golf Channel’s site but couldn’t find any mention of an Adam. Mike sent along a photo, however, and whoever this guy is in the picture does bear quite a resemblance to Mr. Ford. We know it’s not actually Chad Ford competing on the show, however, because it would be impossible for Ford to swing a club while clutching his cell phone in one hand.

I knew it!

• Quote of the day goes to Don Nelson, who just can’t seem to grasp that whole “don’t piss off your best players” thing. When asked about why he benched Baron Davis, Nellie said, “He was having a bad game. He was terrible. He was the worst player on the floor, and I told him to take the second half off. He was 2-for-13, we were down 14 points. I said, ‘Hey, let’s relax and play some young guys.'”

He forgot to add the part where he thought not making the Playoffs was a good idea.

• Here’s a picture of Michael Jordan’s new girlfriend. Allegedly.

Good grief. Some NBA player needs to step it up and instead of buying a luxury car, buy a luxury cruise ship.

• And finally, today’s YouTube video is the almost Top 50 sports bloopers of all time. Too many funny ones to pick a favorite…