Links: NBA Friday II

by Lang Whitaker

I was intending to write a longer post today, but some stuff came up and I just found out I have to get on a flight in about 5 hours, so I’m going to have to make this shorter. (Hopefully I can do a post over the weekend.)

Real quick: Last Friday we debuted NBA Friday, the new collabo between you guys, the SLAMonline readers, and Linkstigator and illustrator Joel Kimmel. You guys come up with suggestions, he makes it happen.

Last week, Joel did Chris Paul from the New Orleans Hornets, and he asked you guys to suggest someone from the Minnesota T-Wolves. Joel sorted through your suggestions and went with Al Jefferson.

Says Joel, “I decided on Al Jefferson because I like his game, and because I thought I could work with his somewhat simple nickname of ‘Big.’ I also got an email simply saying, ‘You gotta do Big Al Jefferson!’ So Big Al it was, and I decided to portray him as a Gulliver’s Travels type guy, towering over some smaller NBA players, breaking free from the ropes that had tied him down. Maybe it signifies his journey to Minnesota and his opportunity to break free and solidify himself as a dominant basketball player. But really, I just thought it would look cool.”

And it does.

Next week’s team? The Milwaukee Bucks. You guys let Joel know which Bucks player you’d like to see in the comments below…