Links: NBA Friday III

by Lang Whitaker

Two weeks ago we debuted NBA Friday, the new collabo between you guys, the SLAMonline readers, and Linkstigator and illustrator Joel Kimmel. You guys come up with suggestions, he makes it happen. Much better than any of us could do.

Two weeks ago, Joel did Chris Paul from the New Orleans Hornets, and last week he gave us a Gulliver-flavored Al Jefferson.

He asked you guys for ideas for this week’s drawing of a Milwaukee Bucks player. Says Joel, “The suggestions in the comments section were great; I wish I could have done more of them. I was very tempted to draw a gangsta version of Yi, and although I ended up doing a different version of him, I still feel like Yi isn’t as deserving as Michael Redd (yet, at least). I wanted to put Yi and Yao together in one piece with a Chinese influenced landscape, with Yao not looking quite ready to hand over the torch to Yi.”

Joel says he’s also working on a “blinged out” Andrew Bogut that he’s going to post over on his blog.

Next week’s team? The Seattle Supersonics. Pick a player and make a suggestion below. Maybe Joel could draw a Delonte West made entirely from tattoos? No, I’m voting for Durant, just because I want to see what Joel will come up with.

Your turn…