Links: NBA Friday IV

by Lang Whitaker

You guys know what this about by now. Each Friday, Linkstigator and illustrator Joel Kimmel takes your requests and does a drawing for The Links. This week’s team was Seattle, and you guys voted for Kevin Durant.

Says Joel, “I decided to go with a pretty straightforward portrait this week of Kevin Durant. I don’t really have much to say about this one other than that Kevin Durant is a damn good player and I think he’s going to be an incredible player in this league no matter where he plays. I was really impressed with him while he was in college and it’s nice to see him doing well in the League. I left his jersey blank due to the uncertain future of the Sonics in Seattle.”

As always, Joel knocked it out the box.

Next week’s team? The New York Knicks!! Leave your suggestions for what Joel should illustrate in the comments below…should be some fun ones…