Links: NBA Friday (Wednesday Edition)

by Lang Whitaker

While I was out last week, I didn’t get a chance to post the latest NBA Friday, so I’m going to post it today and we’ll get back on track for later this week.

You guys know about NBA Friday, our weekly look at the NBA from our man Joel Kimmel. This week’s team is the Sacramento Kings, and this week’s player is Ron Artest.

Joel says, “Instead of concentrating on the team he plays for I wanted to focus mainly on his face. I wanted to show that despite his great defense and scoring abilities, when you think about Ron Artest, unfortunately other things come to mind instead of his basketball talents. I also wanted to represent the Queensbridge Houses where he grew up and drew in the numbers he’s worn over his career. I also originally had drawn in a Circuit City, some images of the brawl in Detroit and even a Rottweiler (alluding to his problems as a dog owner as well as your Ron-Ron the Rottweiler nickname) but all that was too distracting, so I scaled it back to what you see now.”


This week’s team is the Nets, and Joel let me know that as a native of Canada, he will not be illustrating Vince Carter. Fair enough. I’m hoping for Gary Sussman.

As always, thanks, Joel.

I’ve got some other links I’ve been sitting on, but I’m gonna do a long post tomorrow with all of that. In the meantime, I wrote a column today for that should be posted shortly.