Links: Redesign!

by December 17, 2008

by Lang Whitaker

Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but things done changed around here today. Your boy Ryne Nelson (a.k.a. our online editor) and the rest of the SLAM crew have been working behind the scenes for a minute to overhaul SLAMonline, and it’s finally happened. Well, happening, I should say, because even as I type this, Ryne and Susan are on the horn with the designer going over things that need tweaking. And yes, there are things that need to be tweaked.

For instance, I was supposed to do the Dirty 30 yesterday, but I got about halfway through it and then The Powers That Be decided the plug-in we used to make the table and rank the teams wouldn’t work with the new site. And so it was deleted. And I still can’t make tables on the new site. So for now, my 30 is not Dirty. But as soon as I can make a table and, you know, rank teams, I’ll be on it.

I can, however, tell you this: I’m leaning toward Boston at the one, Los Angeles at the two and Cleveland at the three. I watched Cleveland look completely unimpressive in their loss to the Hawks, and then the Lakers look turrrible against the Knicks for about 46 minutes last night. Boston has at least just kept winning. (By the way, I’m pumped about the Hawks/Celtics game tonight in Atlanta. I’m pretty sure we still will get screwed by the refs, but hopefully the Hawks will play with as much poise and control as they have the past week. And I’m also hopeful that the Ludacris concert at halftime of the game tonight somehow results in the Celts getting stuck in their locker room.)

But back to SLAMonline, I’m sure there’ll be some complaining and moaning because people usually don’t like new stuff, but just hang in there with it and get used to the new site. All of us here in the Dome hope you like it.

And so you’re not completely wasting your time on this post, a few links…

• Want to get your presents professionally wrapped but don’t want your friends to think you cared that little about them? Have I got the solution for you: Crap Wrap!

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• And if you were ever curious what it will be like when all of the world’s dolphins finally come together and attack — and they will come together and attack one day — it’s going to look like this…

Dolphins Clip – video powered by Metacafe