Links: The All-Star B Team

by Lang Whitaker

When I’m watching random League Pass games late at night, I not only try to write down the odd and probably overlooked parts of the games — like when the hometown announcers rail about their team not getting calls — but I’m also always writing down stuff about the people playing the games, guys who are a little under the radar and probably deserve more attention than they receive.

This is why I’m creating the All-Star B Team. These are the guys who make League Pass worth owning. For instance, Antawn Jamison will not make my All-Star B Team, not because he isn’t an excellent player, but because he’s supposed to be one of the best players on his team — we already know that. I want to dwell on those who are generally overlooked.

So I decided to make an entire game for these guys to play in, these guys I tune in to watch night after night. They aren’t the best players on their team, probably aren’t even the second-best on their team. They will almost definitely not make the All-Star team this season, but I felt they deserved to be highlighted in some way, because they always seem to be putting in the work without being recognized.

The jerseys are on the way, fellas.

C: Andrew Bogut (MIL) — Took him a while, but the big fella is finally starting to show flashes of big-time potential. Problem is they’re still just flashes. He’s averaging career highs in ppg, rpg and bpg.
PF: Joe Smith (CHI) — He seems like he was born in this era, yet the Bulls forward has outplayed Big Ben (arguably) and (certainly) Tyrus Thomas and Joakim Noah thus far.
SF: Marvin Williams (ATL) — Averaging 16 ppg and is the best spot-up jump shooter on the Hawks. Still doesn’t create much on his own, however.
SG: DeShawn Stevenson (WAS) — I love his fight and his moxie. He’s basically only averaging 9 ppg and 3 (apg and rpg), but he’s a tough defender and he hasn’t missed a game all season.
PG: Jose Calderon (TOR) — He averages the fewest mpg of any player in the top 10 in assists per game, but he still puts up 12 and 8 every night and has been awesome filling in for TJ Ford.

Keith Bogans (ORL), David Lee (NYK), Sam Dalembert (PHI), Bostjan Nachbar (NJN), Jason Maxiell (DET), Udonis Haslem (MIA), Daniel Gibson (CLE), Ray Felton (BET)

C: LaMarcus Aldridge (POR) — Brandon Roy is getting all the love, and the Blazers went out and drafted Greg Oden to take over on the interior, but LaMarcus Aldridge has very quietly been awesome all season.
PF: David West (NO) — Tyson Chandler anchors the post and CP3 skitters around on the perimeter, while D-West makes his living in between the two. It’s hard to say someone averaging 19 and 9 hasn’t been getting enough attention, but David West definitely has not.
SF: John Salmons (SAC) — With all the royalty in Sacto injured, Salmons has been spawning points all season; he’s averaging 16.3 ppg now, nearly double his career high.
SG: Rashad McCants (MIN) — Averaging 15.2 ppg, well above career high.
PG: Anthony Carter (DEN) — The Nuggs are 15-10 since AC moved into the starting lineup, and he’s had 5 double-digit assist games since Jan. 1.

Nick Collison (SEA), Beno Udrih (SAC), Andrew Bynum (LAL — inj), Brandon Bass (DAL), Andris Biedrins (GSW), Paul Millsap (UTH — he’s second on the Jazz in rpg even though he comes off the bench), Earl Watson (SEA)