Links: The Dirty Thirty

by December 11, 2008

by Lang Whitaker

Let me begin by apologizing for not having a comment for each team (and being two days late). I’m writing this week’s Dirty Thirty from the road and internet access is a little spotty. I should have a post later tonight, however, that will make up for the lateness of the hour.

Whatever, here’s the new Dirty Thirty. As you might notice, we have a new number one team. And if Cleveland keeps this up we might get a new number two sooner or later. (And if Cleveland finishes the year with 60+ wins, will the New York press still believe that LeBron is going to leave for NYC?)

Also, each week I compile the Dirty Thirty without looking at the previous week’s rankings. Then, later, I go back and put in the previous week’s rankings. So I had no idea the bottom third of the teams were exactly the same as they were last week, but in a way that seems perfect. That’s why they’re there, after all.

Anyways…here it is. Have at it…