Links: Things We’ve Learned…

by Lang Whitaker

Things we have learned about (mostly) the NBA over last two weeks:

• People who play basketball at Duke and then become good players in the NBA are liars.

• And on behalf of Atlanta Hawks fans who own Josh Smith jersey from all over the world, we say to all those Duke liars, Thank you very much.

• The Sixers spent a lot of money and got a great player, but who’s going to take the jump shots? Where’s Kyle Korver when you need him?

• What goes around comes around. Remember when the Kings trade Chris Webber (for Kenny Thomas, Brian Skinner and Corliss Williamson) and made a big deal about it helping them get out from under C-Webb’s bad contract? Now the Kings are allegedly trying to move which bad contract? Kenny Thomas!

• As it turns out, I guess you can’t turn a big profit by selling shoes and leather jackets for $9.

• Corey Maggette to Golden State? Really? He would’ve been great on San Antonio. Now he’ll be the 17th swingman for the Warriors.

• The NBA has announced that they’re taking over Clay Bennett’s side in the court case brought against him by Howard Schultz. So even the NBA doesn’t trust Bennett.

• Mikael Pietrus to Orlando actually strikes me as a great deal for both the Magic and Pietrus.

• Wasn’t Luol Deng supposed to be one of the big free agent guys this summer?

• Ronny Turiaf is the new, more economical (but still overpriced) Adonal Foyle.

• Shouldn’t Jesse Jackson know better than to talk, even off camera, while wearing a microphone AT A FOX TV STATION?

• There’s not much better in the NY Post than when Stephon Marbury sends an email to Marc Berman.

• I, for one, am cheering for Darius Miles to return, play ten games and count an extra $27 million against the Portland salary cap. The Blazers were starting to have too much good luck in a row.

• If you want to hear myself or Ben on the radio with our man Dave Zirin, well, there you go.

• The more things change in Milwaukee, the more they stay the same: Thanks to his huge contract extension, in about two years, Andrew Bogut will be making nearly as much as LeBron James.

• Finally, I’m sorry people of Oklahoma City, but I just can’t get with the idea of the Sonics leaving Seattle yet. It just feels weird.