LISTEN NOW: SLAM Presents “No Pump Fakes”

The official podcast of the basketball bible.

SLAM Presents “No Pump Fakes”, hosted by Theus McBee and Ahmad Smith, is an exclusive podcast that dives into the pureness of the game while giving in-depth analysis and providing special guests. In the first few episodes, Theus and Ahmad discuss why Luka Doncic deserves your respect, the top five point guards to start a franchise with, why Paul George is a ballot Hall of Famer, and Kevin Durant’s incredible postseason resume.

In the latest episode, they both look back at the legendary ’03 draft class (get your copy of SLAM’s special issue here) and their monumental impact on the L. They also catch up with Pistons beat writer, Rod Beard, to discuss the future of the game—Cade Cunningham—and learn more about he could fit in with the franchise.

No Pump Fakes is a podcast made for those who truly love the game. STREAM HERE.