Look who says Philly will be better without Iverson

By Sam Rubenstein

These types of columns were inevitable. So predictable. With RSS feeds, unless the author’s name is part of the title, you usually don’t see who wrote a given column until you click on it. I saw that the foxsports feed had a column titled “Maybe the Sixers had the right idea.” This could only mean one thing.

Charley Rosen.

Upon visting the link, I was correct. Charley breaks down the two teams in painstaking detail, saving the Iverson-Andre Miller matchup for last. Then he explains his predictable view on A.I.

Iverson is what he is and what he’s always been, with or without Anthony, Smith, and Nene. That is, a turnover-prone, shot-happy, high-volume shooter and scorer, who over-handles and plays inept defense.


The Sixers, on the other hand, have a surprisingly competitive here-now, as well as a future that could conceivably be filled with real promise. In the end, the most ultimate plot-master will turn out to be Billy King. One way or the other.

Sigh. Here’s the classic.