Luka Doncic Hopes For Better Team Chemistry In Upcoming Season

On Tuesday morning, Luka Doncic officially signed his five-year, $207 million extension. This became the largest guaranteed rookie extension in NBA history, which is well-deserved for all he’s done in Dallas to this point. 

Shortly after signing this new deal, the Mavericks held a press conference in Slovenia, which included Doncic, Mark Cuban, Jason Kidd, Nico Harrison, among others. 

One thing that stuck out was Doncic wanting to improve team chemistry. After taking Slovenia all the way to the bronze medal game in the Tokyo Olympics, he saw what real team chemistry looks like. 

As such, Doncic talked about wanting to carry that over into his play with the Mavericks going forward. 

“I think one of the most important things to winning is the chemistry on the court. I think that’s what we need in Dallas,” said Doncic on Tuesday. 

He attributed a lot of the success his home team had in the Olympics to being on the same page and having each other’s backs. 

While the Mavericks did add a few small pieces to the roster in free agency, it appears the next step towards becoming a championship team is building chemistry.