Luke Walton: Lakers Can Be Title Contenders

by September 17, 2018

Luke Walton thinks the Los Angeles Lakers can be NBA title contenders next season.

Walton, however, cautions that it will likely take until the playoffs for the team to reach its full potential.

Newcomer LeBron James has also insisted that this is by no means a rebuilding year for the Purple and Gold.

Per Lakers Nation (via ESPN):

During “An Evening With the Lakers,” Walton spoke about the possibility of his team being a championship contender and how that can come to fruition as the season goes on:

“September, probably not. Do I think come April, come playoff months? Absolutely I think we are. It takes time. You never just put a team together and they’re instantly a championship contender. That’s what the regular season is going to be all about this year. That’s what these guys coming in every day, playing together, getting to know each other, lifting weights together, is about. I think by the time the season comes and goes and we get towards the playoffs, if all goes the way we plan, then yeah, I truly believe we are.”

LeBron James: Not a Rebuilding Year for the Lakers