Marcus Camby on the ‘Sheer Joy’ of Joining the Clippers

by July 21, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Marcus Camby has been through a lot of things in his life. He was famously dunked on by a very young Allen Iverson; he once drew the ire of just about every sane person the planet when he said the League should provide its players with a stipend to buy clothes so as to follow the newly-instituded dress code; and several members of his family were kidnapped in the spring of 2001.

For a guy who’s been through a lot of tough things, still, nothing compares to the hardship that is playing for Donald Sterling’s L.A. Clippers. From the Boston Globe:

“I’m the only one they traded, so they are putting the onus and the blame on me,” Camby said. “I was supposedly the one with all the injuries. But I held the fort down. I played hurt, played in games I shouldn’t have played in. But I held my own and this is how I’m repaid?”


“With everything I’ve been dealing with off the court, this is the lowest point of my life,” said Camby.

Prepare to be that rarest of players who gets booed by his new fanbase on opening night, Marcus. Kudos to you.