Marcus Morris Pushes Jaylen Brown in Celtics’ Timeout Huddle

A video captured by a fan sitting behind the Boston bench Thursday night in Miami shows Marcus Morris lightly shoving teammate Jaylen Brown during a heated exchange.

Morris appeared to be upset with Brown for not hustling back on defense, and the two were separated during a second quarter timeout.

The Celtics went on to suffer a deflating 115-99 loss to the Heat.

Per the Boston Herald:

On Vice Night, Dwayne Wade played into the throwback theme, coming off the bench to lead the Heat with 19 points. The Celts were simply caught in a Miami vise, shooting just 40.4 percent after leaving their chilly home for a place where the temperature hit 72.

[Kyrie] Irving made 10-of-19 shots, but that wasn’t nearly good enough to satisfy him on this night. A short while after the C’s had gathered in their dressing room, he exited for a half-hour shooting session upstairs on the Heat practice court.

“It’s not so much about the frustration from the game,” Irving said. “It’s just more or less therapeutic for you just to go out there and mentally just feel good about your game and things you could have taken advantage of and you could prepare better for next game. I’m going to see different defenses all year, but when you can go out there and be well-conditioned and go from the game and go up to get another workout in, it’s always good. You just want to be smart about it. But, like I said, it’s just a great, great stress reliever when I see some shots go in.

“We’re staying over in Miami, so I’d rather be in here than be out in Miami right now.”

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