Mark Cuban: Everyone Hated Avery Johnson’s Guts

by Marcel Mutoni

It’d be hard for a coach to get through to his players once they tune him out; harder still if they flat-out refused to play should the team continue to gainfully employ him.

Ladies and germs, welcome to Avery Johnson’s life.

Mark Cuban revealed his reason for firing Johnson a few months ago to reporters yesterday at Media Day. From the Dallas Morning News:

“I knew after I had so many people asking to be traded,” Cuban said. “I mean, I had to deal with either the players and moving them or the coach and moving him.”

When asked if more than five players requested a trade, Cuban said yes. More than seven? “Close,” Cuban said.

Wow, you know you’re doing something wrong when nearly half the team asks to be traded because of you.

By default, Rick Carlisle immediately becomes one of the most popular people in the Dallas locker room. Not too shabby of a deal for the new coach.