Mark Cuban Is Giddy Over the Euro Exodus

by August 08, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Logic would dictate that most NBA team owners are, ahem, a little worried about the ever-growing possibility of losing some of their key players to international teams.

Mark Cuban, though, is not like most owners (in any sport for that matter.) He not only welcomes the foreign competition; the billionaire Mavs owner actually relishes it.

Cuban sees the Euro exodus as a fantastic thing, not just for the teams in the Euroleague, but for the players, the NBA, and generally anyone else with a vested interest in the pro game. From his personal blog:

“If we lose a few players, thats not a bad thing. in fact a couple All Stars going over there is a GREAT GREAT thing.”


“Then of course we could create our own World Cup type tournament every 4 years. All of this could open the door to create more NBA owned competition. I’m not saying it would be easy or automatic. Quite a few parties that dont always see eye to eye would have to come to agreement, But the timing for all of that is right and its an amazing opportunity for players, leagues and teams alike.”

In the post, Mark Cuban is looking at this whole thing with a big-picture perspective, and perhaps that’s the best approach to take here. And his ideas are certainly worth listening to.

I’m just curious to know if he’d think it a GREAT GREAT thing if Dirk left Dallas and went back home at the end of his current deal.