Mark Cuban Says it’s Impossible to Have an NBA Team in Europe

by January 30, 2014

One of the great successes in a 30-year career as NBA Commissioner, is David Stern’s expansion of the game into global markets. There’s a limit, though, according to Dallas Mavericks team owner Mark Cuban. Stern’s dream of having an NBA team in Europe is just that – a dream. Per the Dallas Morning News:

Mark Cuban touched on that possibility before Wednesday’s game. And until somebody actually invents a teleporter, it’s not likely to happen, Cuban said.

But that doesn’t mean the NBA’s presence overseas isn’t going to grow.

“I could see us licensing and maybe playing a World Cup with winners from overseas to try to replace the Olympics,” he said. “Just like hockey’s looking at it right now. But unless they bring back the Concordes and they change the schedule to give us a little more time, it’s going to be really difficult for teams to travel back and forth. It’s tough just doing one game, much less a whole schedule.”