by Marcel Mutoni

File this in the ‘I did NOT see that one coming’ folder: Former point guard Kevin Johnson is rumored to be in the running for mayor of Sacramento.

Johnson, known for his blazing quickness and absolutely disgusting hops (what up, Hakeem!) when he played for the Suns, is expected to enter the mayoral race as early as today.

And on Tuesday, Johnson announced he was resigning as chairman of the St. HOPE Board, which sounded to Upfront suspiciously like something that might just appear at the top of a mayoral campaign to-do list.

Should KJ enter the race, he better prepare himself to face tough questions regarding his record as a landlord.

Also: You think Barkley – who dreams of being the governor of Alabama – is jealous that his former Suns teammate could be making more headway in the political arena?

(Tip of the hat: Sactown Royalty)