Me and OBAMA

by September 28, 2007

By Sam Rubenstein

I have the best possible news for you all. The NBA Previews have started to come in, and they will begin on Monday. The plan is to run them two-a-day, one from the East, one from the West. I’m not committing to any order of teams. That will be based on what’s been turned in, and also what should be held back. For example, we should probably wait on Phoenix, just in case something big happens. So, get ready to read about BASKETBALL, the kind that’s played on a court and everything.

Some announcements/items:

You should notice that our homepage has a few additions. The all-new PUNKS section, which is all High School basketball all the time, and there is a survey. If you don’t care for High School basketball, the most interesting part is that we have vintage feature stories from SLAM on there, so you can go back and relive what it was like when LeBron or Amare were in High School.

Also, if you have ever dreamed of seeing a SLAM writer carry the Olympic Torch (The FLAME OF PROMETHEUS for you God of War or Greek mythology fans), then you can go here to vote for Alan Paul.

And now, a little anecdote for which this post is titled. Last night, I was down in the NYU area and it turns out so was a huge Barack Obama rally. So, I watched Obama speak for a while amongst thousands and thousands of NYU kids. I prefer not to talk publicly about politics, mainly because once you put yourself out there like that and it’s clear what side you are on, people have a nice easy way of labeling you as one specific thing, and everything you say will be seen through that prism. Also, it’s an abuse of power of the public forum, moreso than writing about the Mets or Heroes on a basketball site.

But I will say that as an event, it was like a huge rock concert. Obama was the star on stage in front of thousands of young NYU girls, all there to see him. The temptation has to be insane, as a politician is supposed to maintain a front of moral righteousness in front of their adoring masses. Groupies are a big no no. This being a basketball site, I’ll say it’s a lot like the life of a happily married NBA player. Sometimes they have to protect the image of being a nice, marketable, family man. But the temptation must drive them crazy and they all cave in eventually. So I left the rally thinking that Obama really is a rock star. Then I read this just now. There was an after party for a political rally at the 40/40 club. That’s about right.

I got home and told my girlfriend about the whole politician as a rock star thing, and the first words out of her mouth were “It is a huge turn on.” She graduated from GW University, home to famous alumni such as Ben Osborne. Going to college in D.C., she has been to a million of these types of rallies. Suspicious. Very suspicious…

Alright. Busy FRI-DAY! Enjoy the weekend everyone. I have the audacity to hope that the Mets will win one more game than the Phillies and make the playoffs, but it’s just hope. Not confidence. New York has a better shot to win Sunday Night’s Giants-Eagles war.