Michael Beasley’s First Practice Didn’t Go So Well

by Marcel Mutoni

Within hours of becoming a certified NBA millionaire by signing his rookie deal, Mike Beasley found himself face-to-face with a doctor. Beasley took an elbow to the chest half an hour into his first practice with the Miami Heat, and the team cautiously decided that he’d had enough for the day.

Head coach Erik Spoelstra, though, didn’t think it was a very big deal.

“It was a physical practice,” said Spoelstra, who was on the floor for the first time as head coach, after taking over for Pat Riley in April.

“He probably could have finished. It was a very mild thing.”

Hey, welcome to the League, Mikey!

Beasley is expected back on the practice floor very soon, and will play against fellow rookie Derrick Rose in the first Summer League game in Orlando on Monday.