Michael Curry Replaces Flip Saunders

by June 10, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Not a big surprise here.

Michael Curry, who many thought the job was his to lose when Flip got canned anyway, has been named the new head coach in Detroit. The press conference to formally announce the hiring should be commencing momentarily.

The move comes one week after Dumars fired Flip Saunders. Curry will sign a three-year deal worth with a fourth season a team option. The deal is reportedly worth $2.5 million a year. This will be the first head coaching job for 39-year-old Curry.

Though this will be Curry’s first head coaching gig (and keep in mind that last season was his first as an assistant), judging from all accounts, he commands a great deal of respect from the players in Detroit. Something, as you know, that doesn’t come easily for coaches in that city.

Welcome to the “championship or bust” pressure-cooker, Michael. Best of luck to you.