Michael Jordan: 6 Rings ‘Harder’ Than Streaks By James Harden and Russell Westbrook

Michael Jordan playfully threw a bit of cold water on the historic runs James Harden (30 straight 30-point games) and Russell Westbrook (10 consecutive triple-doubles) are currently on.

MJ says winning six NBA championships was a lot “harder” than what both All-Stars are doing.

Jordan adds that he is “very proud” of both Harden and Westbrook.

Per the AP:

The Charlotte Hornets owner said Tuesday — flashing a big grin — that there is one accomplishment tougher than both those feats: “Which is harder from the player’s standpoint? Six championships by all means.”

Jordan said the milestones show “the talent that we have within the league.”

“It shows progression in the league,” Jordan said during an interview at his Hornets facility while discussing the upcoming All-Star weekend . “I am very proud of how both guys have done because they are making a mark for the league and I think it really helps grow the league.”

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