Mike D’Antoni: Benching Players, Cussing Out Fans

by October 31, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

For the last few years, Mike D’Antoni has led a relatively stress-free life. He lived in Italy, where he was a beloved hoops figure and coach, and when he returned to the States, he was universally lauded for single-handedly bringing back the fast break to the NBA, and won a boatload of games while doing it.

In his new job, I think it’s fair to say that the stress level is a tad higher. After making the controversial decision to bench Stephon Marbury in the team’s season opener, some in the crowd at MSG voiced their displeasure, and Mike D’Antoni did not hesitate in letting them know what he thought of them.

From Newsday:

A chant of “We Want Steph!” initially was heard during the third quarter, when the Knicks held their largest lead. But another chorus rose up as the foul was called on Collins and D’Antoni could be seen turning toward the area where the chants emanated and, with a glare, mouthed, “Are you — kidding me?”

D’Antoni also was caught by MSG Network cameras adding, “What a bunch of — .”

I’ve yet to find video of this, but for what it’s worth, the bleeped out expletive was reportedly a word that sort of rhymes with “marshmallows”.

We’re one game into the Knicks’ season, and the circus has already begun. I love this game!