Mike D’Antoni Says Blake Griffin Intentionally Hit Him

Part of what set off the brouhaha Monday night in L.A. was Rockets head coach Mike D’Antoni‘s gripe that Clippers star forward Blake Griffin had intentionally bumped him while running up the court.

Griffin and D’Antoni exchanged expletives near the Rockets’ bench.

The beef continued into the locker room after Houston suffered a frustrating 113-102 loss, ruining Chris Paul‘s first trip back to Staples Center against his old squad.

Per the Houston Chronicle:

When asked what they said to one another, D’Antoni said, “You mean after he hit me?


“I didn’t appreciate it,” D’Antoni said. “It’s good. We’re good. I don’t know. We’ll figure it out.”


Asked again what was said after the blocked shot on [Eric] Gordon’s drive, D’Antoni said again, “You mean after he hit me?


“Boys will be boys. I’m sure … you know, whatever.”

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