Mike Dunleavy Claps Back

by Marcel Mutoni

Yesterday, Clippers owner Donald Sterling put his coach on blast by basically saying, Win now or risk losing your job. Today, Mike Dunleavy fired back at the owner.

“It would be the biggest mistake you ever made,” Dunleavy said Tuesday in response to Sterling’s win-now-or-else comments made here a day earlier.

“It’s his team and he can do whatever he likes . . . but look, you can find any coach you want, bring him in here and run the situation. But I don’t think they are going to do as good a job as I do. And that’s period.”

Ah, nothing better than a good feud to start the day.

Obviously, Donald Sterling is in the wrong here. He not only put undue pressure onto his head coach, but he failed to understand the simple fact that Dunleavy’s done about as good a job as humanly possible considering the fact that his starting power foward (one of the very best in the League, no less) and promising young point guard (whose gruesome knee injury is still giving me nightmares) have both yet to play a single minute of basketball this season.

I kind of miss the old Donald Sterling. You know, the ultra-stingy team owner by day, and slumlord extraordinaire by night.