Monta Ellis Admits He Lied About His Ankle

by September 06, 2008

by Ryne Nelson

All the signs were there, mocking my hopeful ignorance. Like most others, I was reasonably certain the reports were true – Monta Ellis tore his deltoid ligament while doing something other than playing ball – but I refused to believe Ellis was lying.

But today, Marcus Thompson II of the Mercury News confirms it.

According to a team source, the Warriors now know that Ellis’ ankle injury – which was repaired during surgery on Aug. 27 – was not sustained “in a gym,” and “it happened out doors and not while playing basketball.”

The source did not reveal what Ellis told Warriors management he was doing when he got hurt, only that he “was scared to tell the truth at first,” but eventually did.

Lying because he was scared doesn’t necessarily make Monta a bad person.

But the fact that Ellis just signed a six-year, $66 million contract, and instantly violated his morality clause is cause for concern. The Warriors can now go after his contract, fine or suspend him.

First thing’s first – at least Monta admitted he was wrong.