More Nights off for Tracy McGrady

by December 30, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Some people, by some miracle, occasionally stumble upon the fountain of youth and do extraordinary things as they age. And then you have folks like Tracy McGrady, who’s falling (fallen?) apart before our very eyes.

The chronically injured T-Mac, like Shaq, will no longer be participating in back-to-back games. From the Houston Chronicle:

“Me and coach talked about it and I think when we do have back-to-backs, we’ll really have communication to decide which game I should play and which game I should sit out. Moving forward, I won’t be playing on back-to-backs and that will be the plan from this point on.”

“I can’t explode the way I want to,” McGrady said. “It’s hard to do certain things normally I’m capable of doing. I’m kind of limited in some ways to playing my normal way. That’s why I have to make some adjustments. It works some nights; some nights it doesn’t.”

This is probably the best route (health-wise) for Mac to take at this point in the season.

As for the Rockets, who admittedly coasted before losing to the Wizards last night, they’ll need everyone else to step up in Tracy’s absence if they hope to make any kind of noise this year.