More on That Rumored Mo Williams Trade

by August 13, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

When the Mo Williams – to – Cleveland rumor initially surfaced, there weren’t very many details to pore over. Today, we have a bit more to chew on: Word on the street is that Oklahoma City is looking to get in on the trade game early in their existence.

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Milwaukee Bucks guard Mo Williams could be headed to Cleveland as part of a three-team trade, with the Bucks targeting point guard Luke Ridnour of the Oklahoma City franchise, formerly the Seattle SuperSonics.

NBA sources confirmed that there had been discussions involving the three teams. Cleveland is searching for backcourt help to complement LeBron James, and Williams could fit the bill.

And according to the story, it seems as though either Joe Smith or Delonte West could be on their way to OKC if the deal goes through.

For the Bucks, this would clearly be a cost-cutting move. Ridnour is certainly not in Williams’s class as a player, but he carries a price tag that’s a hell of a lot lighter. Luke is owed $13 million over the next couple of years, in comparison to the five years and $43 million for Mo.