Move Aside, LeBron, Chris Bosh Wants the MVP

by November 28, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Chris Bosh has been playing out his mind this season. He’s carried his team virtually every night, while putting up silly numbers – Chris is currently the second leading scorer in the L; he’s shooting over 55% from the field; and he’s ripping down 10 boards per game.

Those are impressive, MVP-type numbers.

Bosh met with the media following the Raptors’ practice yesterday, and the normally modest forward revealed his grandiose plan to claim some hardware once the season comes to an end.

From the Toronto Sun:

“I want to get it. Plain and simple,” Bosh said. “That’s really where I’m at right now. Every game I’m trying to be an MVP-calibre player. I’ve been sharing that with my family, I haven’t shared it with you guys yet but now you know — but I came into this season saying I’m going to give it a shot.”

“I think I can get it. We need more wins of course but when I think of MVPs in the past I think of consistency. Every night they put it out there on the floor and when they need it, they put their teams on their backs. They’re valuable so that’s what I’m trying to be. A valuable asset to this team.”

Bosh may very well win an MVP, but it likely won’t be this season. And it’s not his fault. He’s certainly a good enough player to earn it, but his team won’t get the requisite wins, and there’s a guy in Cleveland playing at an even higher level (with the W’s to back it up.)

Nothing wrong with dreaming big, though.