My last FIBA post

By Sam Rubenstein

After a three day weekend where I barely used the computer, I came back to our website to see a hundred billion million responses to the US loss to Greece posts. There’s plenty of reading material for you here and here. America ended up blowing out Argentina to claim their Lebronze medal, but nobody seemed to notice. Even worse, those heroic Greeks ended up getting destroyed in the final by Spain, who played without Pau Gasol (who is really trying to separate himself from the old metrosexual label from a few years ago. The beard and hair is beyond unabomber length). Talk about adding insult to injury. They didn’t even need their NBA star to win the gold medal game 70-47. The MVP of the tourney was awarded to Pau anyways. What kind of a bootleg system is this when a guy doesn’t even play in the championship game and he’s the MVP of a tourney?

NBA players dominated the leaderboard, putting up great individual stats. That’s how the NBA does it. Top 4 scorers: Yao, Dirk, Pau, Arroyo. Other than Richard Lugo of Venezuela, the top rebounders were Gasol, DARKO!!!!, Dirk, and Yao. Arroyo, Chris Paul, and LeBron were all in the top 5 in assists.

The latest international ball incident is over. Now I can get back to doing what I was put here for. Baiting Khalid into admitting he has high hopes for the Sillydelphia Eagles and then reminding him that he can’t lie to me about not caring as they go down in flames again.