Nate Robinson apology blog post

By Sam Rubenstein

Little Nate is being a big man and apologizing on his blog. If it took a brawl and 10 game suspension to get him to update, then I say brawl away big fella. (Kidding. Maybe.)

During my suspension, I will practice every day with the team in an effort to improve me game. Unfortunately I won’t be allowed to go to the arena. And with a 10-game suspension, that takes me right up to the game in my hometown of Seattle on Jan. 5. So it is very disappointing that I won’t be able to play in my hometown.

Hopefully nobody on the Knicks tries to show him up in a blowout in practice. That is, if the starters can beat their B team.

One thing that separates the brawl from the Malice at the Palace it that the old brawl enhanced the gully factor of several players. Ron Ron, Stephen Jackson, Jamaal Tinsley, and Jermaine O’Neal all did something that made you stop and say wow that guy could really present a physical danger to another human being. The Saturday Night brawl, all we learned is that Mardy Collins can give a hard basketball foul, J.R. Smith would not win a greco-roman wrestling competition, Jared Jeffries makes funny faces when he’s mad, and Carmelo will punch and run. But none of those guys made you think, whoa this is a crazy lunatic that challenges my notion of public safety. I would not mess with (insert name). Except for Nate. He might be inconsequential as a basketball player, but he picked up a lot of points in the loose cannon competition.