NBA 2K7 is just real enough

By Sam Rubenstein

Yesterday I whined about the over the top plotlines portion of NBA 07 featuring the Life video game. Now I’m here to tell you about a game that seems to be getting it right. NBA 2K7. Once again gametrailers has the video. Watch it.

Wow. Other than choppy or overcomplicated gameplay, my biggest beef with basketball video games over the years has been that they stopped giving guys signatur moves. Back in the day – and I’m talking Bulls vs. Lakers – every All-Star had a custom move. For example Jordan was the only player that could do the up and under on the baseline move and Karl Malone was the only guy that could put one hand behind his head when he dunked. Games started getting away from that, and if a guy’s dunk rating was 90 and up, then he could do whatever came with the game’s repetoire but nothing signature.

In this clip, you see Vince do an unmistakably Vince dunk, Shaq doing the stomp back upcourt, Rip adjusting his face mask, LeBron chewing on his nails, a Tony Parker floater, a Big Z hook shot, and there’s more than that.
Looking good 2K7. Looking real good.