NBA Denies 12 Foot Dunk Again

by Marcel Mutoni

Vince penned a terrific piece yesterday, claiming that we are in the midst of the greatest run in NBA history.

Though the mid-to-late 80s might disagree, the article’s central theme remains true: The NBA has taken its hits, learned from them, and produced an undeniably great product. While that’s all fine and well, why can’t the powers that be give us what we – players and fans alike – want during All-Star Weekend?

For the second succesive year, Dwight Howard’s proposal to have the rim raised to 12 feet during the annual dunk contest at All-Star Weekend has been rejected by the NBA, adding to a week of frustration for Howard after his recent play and focus was publicly questioned by coach Stan Van Gundy.

They’ve ruled that changing the height of the rim, while easily done mid-contest with the help of hydraulics, clashes with their intent to apply as many standard NBA rules to All-Star Weekend contests as possible.

Insanity has reared its ugly head yet again.

If the Dunk Contest had anything to do with regular NBA rules, it simply wouldn’t exist. What are they going to do next, start calling travels and 3-second violations (on Nate Robinson, of course) during the dunks?