NBA Hands Julius $40,000 After Confrontation With Referee

According to Fred Katz of The Athletic, Julius Randle has racked up more than $155,000 worth of fines from the NBA after receiving a fifth fine for “directing hostile language towards a referee,” during the Knicks’ 108-93 loss to the Jazz on Sunday.

Randle’s latest infraction has cost him $40,000. The Kentucky product was most recently fined $50k for an on-court altercation with Cam Johnson and made contact with a game official while attempting to get at Johnson. The League fined Randle again when he didn’t cooperate with the NBA during their investigation into the incident.

Randle has also been fined for not speaking with the media and using profane language during a press conference in January. He also received a fine for kicking a ball in the stands. Randle has been fined an additional $29k after racking up 11 technical fouls this season.

The Knicks (30-42) are 12th in the Eastern Conference and are six games behind Atlanta for the 10th and final spot for the year’s play-in tournament. Their 117-111 loss to the Hawks on Tuesday guarantees they won’t’ finish the season at .500 anymore.