NBA Live 07 cover boys blog

By Sam Rubenstein

The NBA Live 07 release event at the NBA Store happened yesterday. Why don’t we let the cover boys talk about it in their own words, since they’re blogging away. T-Mac speaks, and is allowed to plug his new shoe. KICKS magazine, on newsstands right now. Tony Parker speaks. Apparently Tony has been on the cover every single year in France. And the third guy, some lucky fan they pulled out of the crowd got to post his own blog entry too!

Okay, it’s not a fan. It’s reigning slam dunk champion Nate Robinson. Hopefully in the dunk contest part of the game, the computer shuts you down if you miss your first 18 dunks in a row. and y ou should be able to use the second controller to be Andre Iguodala and roll his eyes when the judges screw him over.

Re: Nate Robinson. Yes, it’s a tired joke to make fun of the fact that Nate looks like a little kid. Not funny Sam. But ponder this question: Was there a fish-eye lens being used to take that photo of T-Mac?