Nenad Krstic on Brawl: ‘I Always Have My Teammates’ Backs’

Krstic knows he was in the wrong, but he tells HoopsHype that he had reason to go bonkers: “Do you think your punishment after the Greece-Serbia brawl was fair? ‘I deserved it. But I didn’t deserve the talk in the newspaper. I’m not one person to get in fights on the court, but I was just trying to protect my teammates.’ Like you said, you don’t look like a guy that’s going to get involved in fights. What happened to you there? ‘Nothing. I think everybody who knows me knows that I’m going to have their their back if there is a fight or a problem or anything like that. I always have my teammates’ backs. So there was a fight, I saw my teammate lying down on the court and I tried to help. And they attacked me and whoever attacks me, I’m going to attack him.'”