Nets Confident After Meeting with LeBron James

by July 02, 2010

by Marcel Mutoni / @marcel_mutoni

LeBron James — who is reportedly expected to make a decision about his future by Monday — spent about five hours meeting with potential new employers yesterday, and at least one of the parties left these exhausting get-togethers feeling mighty chipper.

Mikhail Prokorov, Jay-Z and the rest of the New Jersey Nets’ front-office couldn’t have been happier with the way things turned out.

The media that covers the Nets — the Star Ledger and NY Post, to name a few — tell the story of a happy day in New Jersey:

We’re told by two people who are in contact with the Gang of 6 that it went so well with LeBron James today, they’re not fretting Rudy staying home – or even discussing any contingencies – yet. “All cards are on the table with LeBron,” one team official said. “It went that well.”

The one downer is that LBJ is telling some folks that he’ll make up his mind Monday. That can’t be good for the Nets, could it – that they won’t be able to get him to commit to a visit? “No, we’re told he’ll make up his mind without a visit – he knows the area well enough,” another team official said.

The Nets were extremely pleased with their showing and left feeling they are definitely in the hunt to land James when signings begin July 8. James was described as “very engaged” in the proceedings, asking questions, specifically about the ability to sign another max contract guy, such as Bosh. The Nets would need another $3 million or so. Believe it, they’ll find a way if necessary. As for James, he left after a later meeting with the Knicks, and offered no comment.

Of course, none of this means LeBron will sign on the dotted line and make the move to Newark next season. But the Nets are feeling happy and encouraged about their chances in this historic derby.

So, they’ve got that got that going for them. Which is nice.