Nets: ‘Too Early’ to Determine When Kevin Durant Will Play

The Nets haven’t ruled out the possibility of Kevin Durant suiting up next season.

“It’s too early” to determine when Durant will be back on the court after suffering a torn Achilles tendon in the NBA Finals, according to general manager Sean Marks.

Brooklyn’s front-office found out KD’s stunning free agency decision to join them the way the rest of the basketball world: via his Instagram account.

Per The NY Post:

“He will be evaluated with the performance team and so forth,” said general manager Sean Marks. “A timeline will be given in due time, but as of now, we’re certainly not going to comment on when or if and make any sort of hypotheticals. It’s too early.”

Durant’s injury was enough to scare off the Knicks, with owner Jim Dolan reportedly hesitant to commit a max deal.

“We wouldn’t be having this press conference if that was the case,” Marks said with a laugh. “With those guys, they’re at a different level. They know. … I’m not going to sit here and tell them, ‘Well, we’d like to discuss a contract with you.’ We know what we’re getting into.”

With Nets orthopedist Martin O’Malley having not only repaired Durant’s Achilles but also having operated on his fractured foot in 2015, they didn’t seem to have the same concerns.

“The first time we got together was [Monday], to be quite frank. Our doctors and performance team, we met with Kevin and conducted a full evaluation. They got their hands on him and explained to him: This is what the program looks like,” Marks said. “I can’t speak for Kevin. I assume there’s a level of comfort knowing Dr. O’Malley is in New York.”

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