The Post Up: New York Knicks are Shining Brighter Than Ever

Game speaks for itself. Regardless of what naysayers might think about the New York Knicks, no one can deny that they’re playing some of their best basketball in a minute. Led by Julius Randle and RJ Barrett, the SLAM 232 cover stars have restored the feeling of excitement and energy back into the franchise. It’s not just hype—the Knicks have returned with redemption on their mind. 

So, if game does speak for itself, let’s look at their past two matchups:

The Houston Rockets simply had no answer for the New York Knicks in Sunday’s game. The Knicks went on to start the beginning of each quarter with a lead following the previous one, while the Rockets struggled to contain them.

Despite the effort given by Christian Wood, who scored team-high with 19 points 8 rebounds, and 3 assists, it wasn’t enough. Randle continued to fill the stat sheet, scoring 31 points in three quarters with 7 rebounds and 6 assists, giving the Knicks what they needed to overthrow a skilled Houston Rockets team. 

His teammates also went on to score double digits, including Barrett who dropped 21 points, and NBA Vet Derrick Rose, who finished with 24 points and six rebounds. Rookie Immanuel Quickly had 13 points, while Reggie Bullock scored 11. The Knicks defeated the Rockets, 122-97.

With the way the Knicks have been playing lately, there’s no doubt much more success will be in their future—especially with the win they pulled off against the well-rounded Memphis Grizzlies. Randle continued to put on another great performance, racking up 28 points, while D-Rose added another 25 points to help solidify the 118-104 win.

The Knicks will look to continue their two-game winning streak into Wednesday’s matchup against the Denver Nuggets. Meanwhile, the Grizzlies have lost four out of the last five games.