No, Mikki Moore, the Kings are Definitely NOT Tanking

by December 10, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Mikki Moore wondered aloud this week if his employer, the Kings, was playing solely for the lottery. He deduced this possibility because the coaching staff had recently asked him to give up his starting gig.

The Sac Bee (via, FanHouse) has the money quote:

“You don’t know what direction (the organization is) going in,” he said. “They might be doing this so they can have a higher draft pick for next season. You never know.

“I know that (coach) Reggie (Theus) doesn’t make all the decisions … but if he comes to me and tells me he needs me to come off the bench, bring some energy and help out the young guys and show them exactly what they need to do, then that’s my job now.”

Well, Mikki, after last night’s performance against my beloved Lakers, I feel confident in stating that the Kings are, in fact, not tanking. Teams playing for lottery balls don’t beat conference leaders in such convincing fashion (especially when their best player is in street attire.)

It might be time to start looking into the mirror, and figure out why you’re riding the pine. That or send the coach a message by bringing your frightening snake collection into the locker room prior to each game.