Now Running the Point in Detroit … Tayshaun?

by November 11, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

As the Detroit Pistons try and figure out how to properly incorporate Allen Iverson into their system, they need some form of stability in the immediate. And with Rodney Stuckey unable to go for the time being (the team held him back from the current road trip to try and figure out what caused dizziness and light-headedness during the previous game), the burden will fall on Tayshaun Prince.

He of the “He’s so long” fame will be responsible for getting Detroit into its offensive sets. Head coach Michael Curry thinks it’ll work out just fine, and Tay is looking forward to the challenge.

From the Detroit News:

“It’s not going take away my aggressiveness,” Prince said of playing the point. “The only way it would is if I keep feeding AI and Rip and they get hot. Then I would be just feeding them and feeding them. But that’s all for the better if that happened.”

“Just having me with the opportunity to run the offense, I can see over top of the defense,” he said. “I can see what’s going on and read how they are playing Rip and AI. I would definitely like to have that opportunity.”

Curry claims that with Iverson now in the mix, things will be a lot more “simple” for his team, as he’s better than Chauncey Billups at breaking down defenses and creating for his teammates. No word on what will happen at the other end of the floor, though.