Obama Has Greg Oden’s Ear

by Marcel Mutoni

He’s got his vote, too.

According to the injured big man, the presidential hopeful gave him a call today. The ever-smooth Obama was able to wrangle a vote (and a blog post!) out of Oden:

The conversation was quick – like two minutes but I got to talk to him like a real person. What I got from talking to him is that he is a real sports fan and he knew about the Blazers. He said that when I come back Brandon, LaMarcus and I will be a force next year. He also asked me about my knee, and he said he wasn’t feeling my mohawk – lol.

If Barack Obama becomes President – and in this, the most fascinating presidential race of my lifetime, it certainly looks like he might just pull it off – can he use his executive powers to force Greg to shave that hideous mohawk off?

Or at the very least, ban the use of the expression “lol”.