Oh cool, a Larry Brown rumor

by September 24, 2007

By Sam Rubenstein

It begins very soon. The SLAMonline NBA SEASON PREVIEW. Starting next week, we should have two per day, a Western team and an Eastern team. I have most of the assignments ready, so check your email later today, chosen 30.

Right now the big story in the NBA is talk of Andrei Kirilenko’s defection back to Russia. It’s like the opposite of Captain Ramius in The Hunt for Red October. As refreshing as it would be to see someone be able to place their personal happiness over a substantial amount of cash, in this case more than $60 million, there is no way he’s going. It is more than $60 million.

Speaking of traitors and the stupid amounts of money they make, I read that Larry Brown to be the Celtics assistant coach thing. I am writing this with a straight face: as embarrassing as the Isiah trial and anything else coming to the light about the way the Knicks are run is, the Larry Brown fiasco was worse. My hands start shaking when I see his name. Do not give this man publicity. He is not a danger to us as long as he remains in coaching exile. By saying his name, you chip away at the seal that locks him out of our world.

I’m sure people are going to start bombarding me with information and questions about how I feel about the Heroes season premiere tonight. Truthfully, I’m nervous. It got a little too much publicity over the summer. If I’m home to watch it tonight, it will be with guarded optimism, not expecting too much.

Feeling a little better about my teams for the moment. The Mets came through with the least inspiring 3 game winning streak to save a season that I’ve ever seen. The Giants finally played some defense and won a football game, perhaps saving Coughlin‘s job in the process but hey you can’t have everything in life. After a week of me saying things to Khalid about how Donovan McNabb needs to be a 50% passer before he runs his mouth (although the interview was taped last month), Donovan threw for approximately 5,000 yards at a 99% completion clip. I’m going to assume that the McNabb-Kevin Cuuuuuurtiisss connection set a new record for black QB/white WR. Well done Donovan.

Alright, enough fun and games. Onto the serious business of finalizing the preview assignments.